Programming Languages

  • R, RStudio
  • Python, PsychoPy
  • Javascript, HTML

Spoken Languages

  • French (Native)
  • English (Native)

Me in a nutshell


I am currently conducting research in the Music and Neuroscience lab led by Jessica Grahn, as well as the Numerical Cognition lab led by Daniel Ansari. Although my research is mainly on ratio processing, I am also involved other collaborative research projects studying music learning and the perception of large numbers.


Since 2020, I have participated in the development of widgets for the educational website NEWBI4fMRI. Additionally, I have supervised multiple honor students conducting research projects in music cognition.

Coding workshops

In 2021-2022, I, along with a fellow graduate student started organizing coding workshops in which graduate students more experienced in coding could share their knowledge with other graduate students new to coding.

Measurement and Statistics

I'm interested in measurement and statistics. Although my own research has used more complex analyses structural equation modeling (SEM), I also interested in effectively teaching basic statistics, notably through the use of interactive widgets.